Tieslau Civil Engineering, Inc. offers complete civil engineering services for public agencies, business owners, property managers, planners, architects, homeowners of the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area. At Tieslau Civil Engineering, Inc. we pride ourselves on our quality design, project efficiency, CAD literacy and client service. We understand the importance of each project and the issues associated with working within an environmentally sensitive and highly regulated environment and we will continue to pursue our company’s goal of providing the client with exceptional service.

Tieslau Civil Engineering, Inc. is built upon the 20+ years of civil design and project management experience of Adrian Tieslau, P.E. and staff. Adrian holds a B.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Davis and is a licensed Civil Engineer in both California and Nevada. Adrian has been working as an engineer in the Tahoe-Truckee area for the last eighteen years and is dedicated to community and environmental improvements in the area.

The following is a partial list of completed and ongoing projects which have been designed by Tieslau Civil Engineering, Inc. It should be noted that all public sector projects included a full set of construction documents (plans, specifications, hydrology studies, cost estimates, etc.) and all projects involve varying degrees are agency plan approval. Agency processing and approvals include:

  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
  • Placer County, Nevada County, Douglas County, El Dorado County, Washoe County, and Town of Truckee
  • Martis Camp and Lahontan Architectural Review
  • Caltrans and Nevada DOT
  • Lahontan Water Board, US Army Corps of Engineers, Dept of Boating and Waterways

Civil Improvement projects:

  • Ritz Carlton Lake Club – Tahoe Vista – Civil Improvement Plans


  • Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Phase 2B – National Ave Site Improvements
  • Community House for the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation – Civil Design
  • Reno HUD affordable elderly housing project – Civil grading, drainage and utilities
  • Truckee Downtown 76 – Civil Improvement Plans
  • Tahoe Maritime Museum – Civil grading, drainage, BMP and utilities
  • Sunnyside Lane Lakefront Residence Improvement Project
  • Hunter Metal Site Improvement Project
  • Hyatt Incline ADA Civil Improvement Project
  • Glenbrook – Lands Ends Road – Civil, utility and BMP design
  • Incline Industrial Park – Civil grading, drainage, BMP and utility design
  • Speckled Avenue Industrial Park – Civil grading, drainage, BMP and utility design

 Utility Improvement Projects:

  • Carnelian Bay West Watermain Improvement Project (Best in the Basin 2006)
  • Beach Street Watermain extension project
  • Sierra Terrace Avenue – Tahoe City watermain extension project
  • Powderhorn Lane – Tahoma watermain extension project
  • Tahoe Pines watermain extension project

 High End Residential Improvement Projects (Grading, utility and erosion control plans):

  • Martis Camp 373   Martis Camp 36   Martis Camp 371   Martis Camp 171   Martis Camp 223   Martis Camp 195   Martis Camp 372   Martis Camp 30   Martis Camp 42   Martis Camp 111   Martis Camp 189   Martis Camp 43   Martis Camp 52   Martis Camp 163-164   Martis Camp 241   Martis Camp 265   Martis CAmp 408   Martis Camp 495   Martis Camp 512   Martis Camp 497  Martis Camp 518 Martis Camp 631   Martis Camp 527 Martis Camp 599   Martis Camp 600   Martis Camp 631  Martis Camp 369   Martis Camp 161  Martis Camp 72   Martis Camp 56   Martis Camp 169/170   Martis Camp 86   Martis Camp 56   Martis Camp 556   Lahontan 120   Lahontan 122   Lahontan 341   Lahontan 74   Lahontan 355   Lahontan 416   Lahontan 187   Lahontan 321   Lahontan 395

Lake Tahoe Lakefront Projects:

  • 5240 North Lake Blvd, Carnelian Bay, CA
  • Powderhorn Lane, Tahoma, CA
  • 2280 Sunnyside Lane, Tahoe City, CA
  • 49 Shoreline Circle, Incline Village, NV
  • 6229 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA
  • 969 Lakeview Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA
  • 181 Yellowjacket, Glenbrook, NV
  • 6900 West Lake Blvd, Tahoma, CA
  • 3800 North Lake Blvd, Carnelian Bay, CA
  • 120 Sierra Terrace, Tahoe City, CA
  • 678 Hwy 50, Zephyr Cove, NV
  • 6502 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA
  • 7137 West Lake Blvd, Tahoma, CA
  • 2238 Land End, Glenbrook, NV
  • 875 Lakeshore, Incline Village, NV
  • 2216 Lands End, Glenbrook, NV
  • 8531 Meeks Bay Ave, Meeks Bay, CA
  • 3160 Edgewater, Tahoe City, CA
  • 1645 Pine Cone Circe, Incline Village, NV
  • 2620 West Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA
  • 448 Lakeshore, Incline Village, NV
  • 8235 Meeks Bay Ave, Meeks Bay, CA
  • 8789 Rubicon Drive, Meeks Bay, CA
  • 9846 Pilot Circle, Brockway, CA
  • 860 West Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA
  • 4160 Ferguson, Tahoe City, CA
  • 2050 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA

BMP Retrofit Projects:

  • Bank of the West – South Lake Tahoe – Tahoe City BMP
  • Tahoe Tribune Property South Lake Tahoe
  • Village Cinema / T’s Incline Village BMP Retrofit
  • Picchetti Winery South Lake Tahoe BMP
  • US Bank South Lake Tahoe BMP Retrofit
  • Tyrolia 7 Subdivision Incline Village
  • Southwood Pines Subdivision Incline Village BMP Retrofit
  • Sugarpine condominiums Tahoma
  • Chinquapin BMP Design (TRPA Best in the Basin 2007)
  • Elks Point Subdivision BMP Retrofit
  • Rustic Cottages BMP Retrofit
  • Mourelatos Upland BMP Retrofit
  • Red Cedars and Forest Pines Subdivision Incline Village
  • Christmas Tree Village BMP Retrofit
  • Crystal Shore West BMP Retrofit
  • Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge

Recent larger projects:

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

      Phase 1 Project

Tieslau Civil Engineering was the lead consultant of a 5 consultant design team tasked with overall project design for the North Tahoe Public Utility District.

Project Description:

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area (TVRA) is a community and regional recreational facility located in Tahoe Vista. It consists of a 2.7 acre lakeshore parcel with approximately 800 feet of lakeshore frontage and an approximate 3.6 acre support parcel at the intersection of Hwy 28 and National Avenue. The lakeside portion of the project was opened to the public in July 2006. Lakeside amenities included launch ramp improvements, opening vistas of Lake Tahoe, public beach access, picnic areas, modern restrooms, bike racks, day use kayak racks, open public plaza space, improved boat launching and traffic circulation, interpretive displays, and storm water treatment.

Phase 1 efforts were recognized by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), 2006 Best in the Basin Award for an Improved Recreation and Lake Access Project.

Dredging was completed in April 2010 and the Courtesy Docks in the harbor were installed in Spring 2011. To date a total of $5.94 Million has been spent on land acquisition and $4.2 Million on Planning, Environmental Documents and construction of the Lakeside parcel.

 Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

       Phase 2 Project

Tieslau Civil Engineering was the lead consultant of a 5 firm design team tasked with the second phase of the TVRA project in 2006 for the North Tahoe Public Utility District. Funding was finally secured in 2011 and construction was completed in 2012. The project was nominated for TRPA’s Best in the Basin award for 2012.
The Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Accessory Parking Project constructed a parking lot for boating vehicles, trailers and automobiles for visitors to the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. This project provided 24 vehicle with trailer pull through spaces and 42 vehicle spaces, 1250 linear feet of paved walking/bike trail, a bus pullout and shelter, landscaping and storm water BMP’s. The 3.5 acre site was acquired by the NTPUD with funds from the California Tahoe Conservancy specifically for parking.

The project was 100% funded by grants of $1.432 million from the Department of Boating and Waterway, $500,000 from the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and $500,000 from the Placer County Redevelopment Agency.

       Carnelian Bay West Watermain Replacement Project

Tieslau Civil Engineering was the lead consultant of a 4 firm design team tasked with overall project design in 2008 for the North Tahoe Public Utility District. Construction was completed in 2010.
The Carnelian Bay West Watermain Replacement Project involved the design and construction of nearly 5000 linear of new 8” watermain and 7 new fire hydrants. The existing subdivision was served by aging 2-3” watermains and no fire hydrants.  This project provided reliable domestic water and critical fire protection for this subdivision. Design challenges included water system design in an area of unimproved roads and existing tree conflicts.

The project was 100% funded by grants through the federal government.

        HUD Elderly Housing Facility – Civil Design

Tieslau Civil Engineering was the lead civil engineer for the civil site improvements associated with the new 4 story elderly housing facility in Reno, NV for the Volunteers of American and funding by the federal Housing and Urban Development Agency. Construction was completed in 2012.
The Reno VOA elderly housing facility civil design consisted of the development of a 3 acre parcel to provide the civil infrastructure to serve the new 4 story elderly housing facility. Civil improvements included the design of a new parking lot, stormwater and site utility infrastructure design as well as ADA accessible sidewalk improvement design.

Grading and Utility Designs

Palisades Drive Mulit-Family Project

Glenbrook Residential Lakefront Grading Design

Northwoods Driveway Design

Glenbrook Utility Service Project

Speckled Avenue Improvement Project

Incline Industrial Park Grading/Utility Design

Lake Tahoe School Improvements

Crystal Bay Slope Stabilization

Lake Park Water Company Watermain Design

Kingsbury Grade Residential Site Design

Martis Valley Residential Grading Design

Northwoods Multi-Family Site Design

Bridgeport Residential Septic Design

Incline Village Condominium Utility Design

Skislope Residential Site Design

Ponderosa Ranch Site Grading Design

Tahoe City Lakefront Sewer Design

Westshore Shorezone Revetment

Tahoe City Caltrans Encroachment

Rustic Cottages Parking Design

Kings Beach Commercial Grading Design

Tyrolian Village Grading Design

Tahoe Donner Site Grading Design (3)